Penetration Series/ Double Penetration

Welcome to the website of the Penetration Series, novels of erotic suspense. 

This series starts off with Double Penetration: The Life And Times Of Roland Granderson, which is available at and Barnes & Noble.


Double Penetration

G”” appears to have everything… Or at least all the things he’s always wanted; women, financial freedom and overall comfort. Along with his closest friend, Ed, he oversees D.P. International, a successful company that thrives off of it’s sales of mace, stun-guns, and other small articles of self defense. It’s what they’ve done since their expulsion from the U.S. Armed Forces. And this business of theirs has done well.

However, it’s their illegal profession that has, now, brought new hazards into their lives. Greed has dulled their vision, as it pertains to distinguishing between friends and foes. And an event from their bloody past has mustered the strength to rear it’s ugly head, biting them both on their asses… hard. Life, if he can manage to keep it, will never again be the same for “”G””.

“Double Penetration” is the first in a series of books detailing “G” as a person as well as an arms dealer. Entwined with G’s peril is a glimpse of stylish living that will engage the have-nots and relate to the well-offs, as opposed to his dismal childhood and upbringing that will do just the opposite. Also, G’s appreciation for the pleasuring of beautiful women is 1st class, making this novel just as raunchy as it is thought provoking. “”Double Penetration”” will captivate any audience whose intrigue can be found in sexual arousal, suspense, and that brand of closure that only revenge can purchase.


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